Hare and Green Peppercorn Pies

Every year we have a Hare dinner cooked by our friend John. There have been various recipes over the years and here is his most recent one, which was as good as any we have had.

This is such an obvious combination with our Lepus, after all the name does mean Hare, but the wine itself has all of the flavour required to match such a strong robust dish.


Shoot a nice young hare (John is a hunter), I imagine procuring one in a more conventional way would suffice.

Line a heavy baking dish with bacon.

Chop the hare into pieces and brown in pan with butter and olive oil.

From our personal experience with an older larger hare soaking overnight would be necessary to modify the strength and pungency of the beast.

Place browned hare on top of bacon and put a couple of pieces of pancetta on top of each piece of hare. Spread any root vegetable, must have onion, celery, carrot, turnip and parsnips all over and in between.

Add 2 bouquet garni, 1 cup chicken stock and 250ml white wine (you may need more depending on the size of the pan.

Cover with lid and cook in 120ºC oven for 7 hours. Check every couple of hours to make sure not dry and add stock or wine when necessary.

Strip meat off the hare, make a gravy out of the pan juices and add back the hare. Add a tin of green peppercorns, cook through a bit to combine. (this mixture can be frozen for use later)

Use puff pastry for the pies, wash with egg, and place in oven at 180ºC until brown.

2013 Lepus

Every so often our Marananga vineyard is blessed with a season where the winemaking stars align.

A year for perfect fruit maturation, the Lepus is the pick of the crop from the outstanding 2013 vintage.

2013 Ironscraper

The 2013 Ironscraper is a wine that suits its name. Deep crimson in colour its special personality is its length and grip – helped along with an almost imperceptible touch of Barossa Cabernet.

2013 Marananga Shiraz

A complex and elegant Marananga Shiraz, finessed with a touch of American Oak.

With the concentration and fruit definition to complement robust red meats - even hare if you’re game!

2014 Tempranillo

Layered Mediterranean freshness and fruit flavours - quinces and pomegranates and cherries.

A stylish, medium bodied red, brilliant with succulent charcoal grilled quail or a lazy afternoon Tapas.